Operational Medicine is the healthcare provided in unconventional settings where important resources may be significantly restricted. These resources could include limited supplies, expertise, time, location, or climate extremes.

Textbooks: Classic textbooks of operational medicine and manuals produced by the U.S. military and other authoritative sources.

Videos: Sometimes reading about a procedure isn’t enough. You need to actually see it done to understand it.

Lectures: Over 40 PowerPoint lectures, discussing  important operational medicine issues.

Distance Learning: Free e-Learning courses for web training in operational medicine and nursing subjects.

Training: Education and training is available from a variety of resources, both public and private.

Stress: Psychological support for you, your colleagues, and your patients.

Operational Safety: Protect yourself and your patients in operational settings.

About Us: Background and contact information for this operational medicine website.

Archival Edition: The Original Operational Medicine Website, designed for desktop computers.


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Operational Medicine Specialties include:

Aviation Medicine

Disaster Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Event Medicine

Foreign Service Medicine

Pre-Hospital Medicine

Shipboard Medicine

Tactical Medicine

Travel Medicine

Wilderness Medicine

Education and Training