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Manage a Patient Through Recovery Following a General Anesthetic


As a Special Forces Medic given a patient requiring recovery from general anesthesia in a fixed or temporary facility, recover the patient to consciousness orientated X3 in accordance with JSOMTC student manual of anesthesia.


As a Special Forces Medic you must be prepared to recover the anesthetize patient from general anesthesia.

Manage a Patient Through Recovery Following a General Anesthetic

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Transportation to recovery room

Arrival into recovery room

Management of postanesthetic problems

Postoperative Summery


Transportation to Recovery

A B Cs

Monitor Treatments

Transportation to Recovery

Airway maintenance


Cardiovascular function

Monitor Treatments

Arrival into Recovery Room

Identify the patient

Summarize pts HX and nature of operation

Describe anesthetic agents used and input/output during operation

Leave instructions for pt management

Management of Postanesthetic Problems

Airway Obstruction






Nausea and Vomiting

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Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center


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Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

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