US Navy Shipboard Pest Control Manual


This manual is the result of coordinated efforts to revise a multitude of related DoD and Navy shipboard guidelines, while widely recognizing the need to update the 1986 “Navy-wide shipboard pest control manual.” The intent of this revised manual is to provide current and effective guidance for the surveillance, exclusion and control of disease vectors and invasive pest species, which may threaten the health and safety of personnel aboard U.S. naval vessels, or be transported between U.S. and foreign shores.

At the date of publication of this edition of the manual, every effort has been made to reference the most currently signed written guidance. Additional relevant references are under revision, and will be included in the next version of this manual.


This manual outlines DoD, OPNAV and BUMED policies and procedures, defines responsibilities, and provides detailed guidelines for the U.S. Navy Shipboard Pest Control Program. The information contained herein is the combined effort of Navy Medical Entomologists and Preventive Medicine Technicians to provide a "ready reference" to assist you in conducting a safe and effective program utilizing the concepts of integrated pest control. Your diligence in detecting potential problems and monitoring control measures is essential. However, controlling pests aboard naval vessels requires the  cooperative effort of all hands in maintaining good sanitary standards in workspaces, berthing and common use areas.



Chapter 1 Overview of the U.S. Navy Shipboard Pest Control Program

  • Introduction

  • Responsibilities

  • Education and Training Requirements

Chapter 2 Shipboard Pests

  • Introduction.

  • The German Cockroach

  • Cockroach Control Aboard Surface Ships

  • Cockroach Control Aboard Submarines.

  • Stored Products Pests (SPPs)

  • Rodents

  • Miscellaneous Shipboard Pests

Chapter 3 Quarantine Issues

  • Background

  • U.S. Navy Vessels Entering U.S. Ports

  • U.S. Navy Vessels Entering Foreign Ports.

  • Pierside/Onloading Inspections of Infestible Products

  • Rodents and Rat Guards

  • Deratting/Deratting Exemption Certification

Chapter 4 Records and Reports

  • The Pest Control Log .

  • Personnel Records.

  • Materiel Inventory Records.

  • Pierside/On-Board Inspection Records

  • Deratting/Deratting Exemption Inspection Certificate Records.

  • Courtesy Technical Assistance Visit/Informal Survey

  • Pesticide Use Records .

  • Pesticide Use

  • Infested Products

Chapter 5 Pesticides

  • Pesticide Label

  • Pesticide Safety

  • Medical Examinations and Cholinesterase Testing.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Procurement of Pesticides and Pesticide Dispersal Equipment

  • Pesticide Storage

  • Pesticide Mixing and Spills

Chapter 6 Pesticide Dispersal Equipment

  • Aerosol Container Pesticide Dispersal Unit.

  • Hand-Compressed Air Sprayer


Navy Disease Vector Ecology Control Center,

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