Environmental Protection

The environment can pose a threat to you and your patients.

Heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, sun, insects, venomous animals, and endemic microbes can all complicate your ability to provide medical care and threaten your own health.

Learning to function safely in austere environments is an important aspect of operational medicine.

Medical Aspects of Cold Weather Operations US Army (pdf)

Heat Stress Control and Heat Casualty Management US Army (pdf)

Medical Problems in High Mountain Environments US Army

Eye Protection US Army Video (wmv)

Hearing Protection US Army Video (wmv)

Heat Protection US Army Video (wmv)

Protect Yourself Against Heat US Army Video (wmv)

Respiratory Protection US Army Video (wmv)

Vector Protection US Army Video (wmv)

Heat Injury Risk Management US Army Video (wmv)




Symptoms/First Aid

Heat Stroke

Water Intoxication

Education and Training