Small Arms Training

Firearms may be encountered in operational environments. They may be carried by patients, colleagues, or may be issued to health care providers for the protection of themselves and their patients.

Safe handling of these firearms and ammunition includes knowledge of loading and unloading procedures, carrying techniques, muzzle awareness, and accurate firing when needed.


Small Arms Training for Antiterrorism, Law Enforcement and Physical Security US Navy Video (wmv)

Combat Skills of the Soldier US Army Field Manual 21-75 (pdf)

M9 9 mm Automatic Pistol

M9 9mm Automatic Pistol Basic Operational Medicine

M9 9mm Automatic Pistol Training US Army Video (wmv)

M9 Autopistol Training US Army Video (wmv)

M16A2 Rifle

M16A2 5.56mm Rifle Operational Medicine

M16A2 Assault Rifle Familiarization Field Medical Service School

Weapons Handling: M16A2 Rifle US Marine Corps Video (wmv)

M16A2 Rifle: Introduction to Basic Marksmanship US Marine Corps Video (wmv)

Education and Training