Weapons of Mass Destruction

As medical personnel, we must, at times,  think the unthinkable, and prepare to deal with the medical consequences of the use of weapons of mass destruction.

These materials will help in that preparation.

Medical Management of Chemical Agent Casualties Handbook – 4th Edition US Army 2007 (pdf)

Medical Management of Biological Agent Casualties Handbook – 7th Edition US Army 2011 (pdf)

Medical Management of Radiological Agent Casualties Handbook – 4th Edition Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute 2013 (pdf)

Medical NBC BattleBook U.S. Army Center of Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine 2000 (pdf).

The current version of USACHPPM Technical Guide 244, The Medical CBRN Battlebook, 2008, is restricted in its’ distribution, and limited to US Government agencies. If you meet those restrictions, you may obtain a copy of this document here.

Education and Training