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Administer Parenteral General Anesthesia


As a Special Forces Medic given a patient requiring general parenteral anesthesia in a fixed or temporary facility, induce the patient to stage three of general anesthesia in accordance with JSOMTC student manual of anesthesia.


As a Special Forces Medic you must be prepared to anesthetize a patient requiring invasive procedures.


Insure anesthetist preparation

Insure patient preparation

Induce parenteral general anesthesia

Emergency induction of parenteral general anesthesia

Field Anesthesia Machine

Administer Parenteral General Anesthesia

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Wall-Connected Suction Machine
Wall-Connected Suction Machine

Insure anesthetist preparation

Inspect the anesthetist cart

insure presents of anaphylaxis kit

insure presents of SPARKS kit

Insure the proper drugs are present in sufficient amounts and not out of date

Insure anesthetist preparation

Insure pharyngeal suction apparatus are operational and manual backup suction is present

Switch on, set up and calibrate all monitors

Clearly label all syringes with the appropriate agent and amount in milligrams

Check all endotracheal equipment

Insure patient preparation

Review preanesthetic visit (SF517)

When the patient arrives, verify identity, and the nature and site of the scheduled operation

Establish rapport with the patient

Insure patient preparation

Insure a base line set of vitals has been established

Insure established IV is patent

Attach all monitoring devices

Insure the patient has received the proper preanesthetic medication (five rights)

Induce Parenteral general anesthesia

Start induction 30 minutes after last premedication was given

Induce Parenteral general anesthesia

Muscle relaxation

Diazepam (induction) 0.3 - 0.5 mg/kg Slow IV push

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Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center

In Operational Medicine 2001

Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

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