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Advanced 1st Aid: IV Therapy for Marines

This presentation is dedicated to all United States Naval personnel. past and present, who have provided care & comfort to our comrades in the United States Marine Corps and to all of those who have perished serving our country…

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Improved Survival

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The Littorals

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IV Equipment Field Ready

Advanced 1st Aid:
IV Therapy for Marines

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Indications for IV Therapy

Replace lost body fluids


External or visible

Internal or suspected


Heat related


Multiple trauma


Types of IV fluid



Saline: Salt water

Lactated Ringers: Mixed salt solution

Dextrose: Sugar water

Required Equipment

IV Catheter

IV Tubing

IV Solution


Alcohol or Betadine Preparation

Dressing, Tape, Band-aids


IV Equipment


IV Equipment: Field Ready


Equipment Preparation

Remove tubing and IV fluid from their protective coverings

Equipment Preparation

Remove the protective tab from the spike port

Equipment Preparation

Remove the protective cover from the spike (over the inspection bulb) of the IV tubing

Assembly of IV Equipment

Close the tubing by rotating the thumb lock to the closed position

Assembly of IV Equipment

Assemble the IV tubing to the IV fluid

Insert spike into spike port

Puncture seal with the spike by using a twisting, pushing motion until spike is fully inserted

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CDR Charles J. Gbur Jr., MC, USNR

Battalion Surgeon

LCDR Richard M. Gallaway, NC, USNR

HMC Peter V. Vallejo, (FMF), USNR

3rd Battalion, 25th Marines,

4th Marine Division

In Operational Medicine 2001

Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

Department of the Navy






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