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Fundamentals of Basic Radio Communication for the combat medic using AN/PRC-77

This video was produced by the US Army in 1994 to assist in instructing medical providers in the use of radio communications.

This video focuses on the basic functions of the AN/PRC-77, including replacing the battery, attaching the antennas, setting frequencies, and communicating on the net. This is suitable for use by Army Medics, Navy Hospital Corpsmen, or Emergency Medical Technicians.

The video may be freely downloaded.

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Military Triage

MEDEVAC 9 Line Request Voice Template Example:

a)      "CharlieMed, this is Echo-2-Niner, over".

b)      "Echo-2-Niner, this is Charlie-Med, send over".

c)      "This is Echo-2-Niner, request medevac, over".

d)      "Echo-2-Niner this is Charlie-Med, authenticate Yankee, over".

e)      "Charlie-Med, this is Echo-2-Niner, I authenticate Champion, over".

f)        "Roger Echo-2-Niner, send request over".

g)      “Roger, nine line as follows, break,”

h)      “ONE, Tango-alpha 6577, break”

i)        “TWO, 39.39,E-7-Romeo, break”

j)        “THREE, 1-Charlie, 2-Delta, break”

k)      “FOUR, Alpha, break”

l)        “FIVE, Lima-1, Alpha-2, break”

m)    “SIX”, November, break”

n)      “SEVEN, Green smoke, break”

o)      “EIGHT, US military, break”

p)      “NINE, Large raising hills to the north, and south with wires to the north running east to west, over.”

From CASUALTY EVACUATION, FMST 0503, 17 DEC 99, Field Medical Service School, Camp Pendleton, California



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